Big Tree is pleased to recognize the beginning of a new era of business development for the resource sector and to announce the Company’s intentions to lead in its growth. Globally, public and private corporations in the mineral, forestry, petroleum, and food businesses have long been extracting elements of Nature for profit and for the benefit of humanity. The advent of technology has seen unprecedented consumption by 8 billion people through continuous natural resource extraction. From food harvesting and farming, building and manufacturing, education and technology, transportation to war, humans have been consuming planetary assets with an ever-increasing understanding of the damage this causes to the planet.

In seeking to bring balance to development, the banking and regulatory sectors have been working on financial and business assistance to clean and protect the planet from the damage done by industry and human expansion.

Building on the already groundbreaking business development of AurCrest in the management and corporate culture of Canadian business, Big Tree is developing an Indigenous-led approach to cleaning and protecting the natural world. As the only publicly traded company with a majority of Indigenous Directors and an Anishinaabe President & CEO, Big Tree strives to provide both access to the investing public in the Natural Asset Resource business and guidance between First Nations communities and capital markets.

As citizens to evolving social contracts, and as consumers of the world’s Natural Assets, we are increasingly aware of the negative effects of our actions. The Pope recently issued an apology to First Nations and made mention of the Canadian journey of Reconciliation in his Easter Sunday Address to the world, demonstrating that we are updating our social contracts as well as our business contracts with the planet. The emergence of Big Tree Carbon Inc. as a First Nations-led TSX Venture-listed company in the Natural Asset Resource space is an important milestone in Canada. Climate as business must be a global priority and Big Tree is the first to apply an Indigenous worldview to protecting the biosphere and culture of the planet through Global Capital Markets in partnership with First Nations. Big Tree focuses on the business of sequestering Carbon (‘C’, element #6 on the periodic table) as a commodity along with other possible environmental attributes.

The Company currently has two projects under development: i) Lac Seul at 22,063 hectares (54,517) on the Lac Seul reserve lands with a first right of refusal on the larger 800,000 hectare (1,976,800 acres) Lac Seul Forest license area, and ii) Agoke at 974,000 hectares (2,406,754 acres) in agreement with the Agoke Development LP on the Ogoki Forest license area. Further assets are in negotiation.


Big Tree is a carbon sequestration natural resource developer and a mineral exploration company.

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“It is hard to be proud of a world without Butterflies”

IA Brodie-Brown - Sunday July 17th, 2022

On Wednesday July 20th, the iconic Monarch butterfly
was added to the World endangered species list.

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2021 Nation Builder of the Year Award

2021 Nation Builder of the Year Award

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